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No need for visa to visit Brazil

Visas to Brazil

No need for visa to visit Brazil

Are you from Canada, Japan, Australia or US?

Good news for some countries. Do you need a visa to visit Brazil?

Yes, that’s great news but only if you are coming from Japan, United States, Australia or Canada.

A difficult visa to get – Brazilian Visa

No more visa to visit Brazil

Historicaly Brazil is a country that made difficult for Americans to get a visa. Visas were both complicated and expensive. And you have to go to a consulate to get it. This was made easier with eletronic visas for US citizens. From early 2018 was costing no longer US$ 160 but US$ 40 to obtain a tourist visa to visit Brazil.

This was just an example. All t he other countries mentioned above were under the reciprocity program. If a Brazilian needs a visit to visit Japan, a Japanese would have to go through a similar process to get his visa as well.

Bolsonaro talks to Trump

Our president, Jair Bolsonaro, during a meeting with US president Trump in January promissed to eliminate visa requirements to these countries. He’s hooping t o boost the country’s  tourism sector and get closer to the US at the same time.

Therefore as of June 17, 2019, Brazil will eliminate the tourist visa requirements from the  US, Japan, Australia and Canada.

Brazil gets about 7 million tourists a year, and by 2022 we are hopping to double this amount to about 14 million tourists annualy.

And for me, as a tour operator, these news in Brazil’s foreing policy in regards to tourism couldn’t come soon enough.

Do I need a visa?

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