On this page we will recommend the places that should be in your list while visiting Rio de Janeiro.

1) Copacabana Fort

Once in Copacabana you should go for a walk towards the south end of the beach. There you will find the Fort, which is a military base. A place to be visited so you can take lovely pictures and relax at the famous Colombo Café.

Have you rented a car in Rio? Don’t even think about going to visit the Fort using your car. There’s no parking available on the premises. Best option if you are in Copacabana, or close to Ipanema, is to go walking.


Copacabana Fort in Rio de Janeiro


Copacabana Fort in Rio de Janeiro


The Army Historical Museum is also one of the places to visit in Rio de Janeiro. It is located inside the Fort. The Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays. From 10am to 6pm. To find out more about the Fort please visit this link.


2) Botanical Garden

If you are not in a hurry while visiting Rio de Janeiro, visit the Botanical Garden. Founded in 1808 by king John VI of Portugal shows the diversity of Brazilian and foreign flora. Find out more about the garden and see a couple of pictures below:


Botanical Garden in Rio

Botanical Garden in Rio


3) Parque da Cidade, Niterói

Most of the people visiting Rio de Janeiro don’t have much time. And that’s the main reason why they don’t visit Niterói. This lovely city is located only 14 kilometers from Rio and it is worth visiting. One of its main attractions is the Parque da Cidade. You will have spectacular views of Rio de Janeiro!


Parque da Cidade in Niteroi, Rio de JaneiroParque da Cidade in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro

4) Leblon Lookout point

If you are staying in Rio de Janeiro south zone, chances are that you are in Copacabana or in Ipanema. If that’s the case you must visit the ‘Mirante do Leblon’ or Leblon Lookout point. There you can have a fantastic view of Ipanema beach and have a refreshing coconut water! There’s a great way to experience this great view: join our Rio de Janeiro city tour and let us show you what Rio has to offer!


Leblon lookout point in Rio de Janeiro.