Ipanema Beach

The beauty of Ipanema

It’s indeed the neighborhood to visit while in Rio de Janeiro. There are several attractions in Ipanema such as restaurants, bars and the beach itself. If you are on a Tour in Rio de Janeiro I have listed a few things that you should have in mind:


From futevolei (you play with your feet) to soccer, you choose what to do while visiting Ipanema Beach. You can go for a swim – water is better, cleaner than in Copacabana or stay at one of the many kiosks at the sidewalk.  See friends playing futvolei:

Futvolei at Ipanema Beach



We’ve all heard of the Girl from Ipanema. This song (1962) was known world wide when Frank Sinatra recorded it many years ago. Did you know that the lyrics tell a true story that happened at the time when the song was writen? Yes, and you can also visit the bar where the two friends Tom Jobim e Vinícius de Moraes used to see ‘the girl from Ipanema passing by…’ This bar is at the corner of Barão da Torre Street with Vinicius de Moraes Street.

Would you like to see who is the Girl from Ipanema? Here she is, Helô Pinheiro:

Helo Pinheiro

The BBC has this short video where you can get to know a bit more the Girl from Ipanema. Hope you like it.


There are several restaurants in Ipanema and most of them are located by the beach where you can experience the Carioca’s atmosphere having a cold Choop (beer) or a Caipirinha (made of cachaça, lime and suggar).


Rio de Janeiro is the place to be if you want to party! Ipanema offers great options. The Miroir Club and the Baronneti are the ones that I recommend.

Come to Ipanema

If you do decide to come to Rio de Janeiro, let us know so we make sure that Ipanema will be in your itinerary.