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Questions about Rio

Q. When is the best time to visit Brazil (Rio)?

A. We don’t have hurricane seasons in Brazil, nor strong winters, therefore you can come to Brazil pretty much at any time of the year. Summer months are from December to February when it’s REALLY hot. If you don’t like this type of weather I would recommend you organize your tour in Rio from April to October.

Q. Is Rio a safe place to visit?

A. It can be dangerous if you go to the wrong places. The best possible way of touring Rio is if you come with someone else. Come with your wife, your husband or with an other couple. This way is  easier (and safer) if you are renting a car for example and something goes wrong. If you need to ask for directions to find your way around Rio. If you are not by yourself, it will be safer.
An experienced tour guide is also recommended as he/she will NEVER take you to the dangerous places.
And common sense is also a must. You wouldn’t go for a walk in the Central Park in New York at midnight, would you?

Q. What to bring while touring Rio?

A. You won’t need winter coats. A rain jacket is recommended. Sun glasses, sun block, sport shoes and light clothing are also important items in your travel bag, specially if you wish to visit the beautiful Rio de Janeiro Beaches!

Q. Which type of accommodation should I look for?

A. Rio de Janeiro is called the ‘wonderful city’ or ‘cidade maravilhosa’ in Portuguese. It is indeed a great place to visit and you should prepare your tour in Rio de Janeiro carefully. Basically there are 2 different types of accommodation to choose from. Pousadas (like B&Bs) and Hotels. Location, as in any place in the world, is very important. Sometimes you find something very affordable but far from the main attractions. Like beach? Try to stay close to them to avoid public transportation (not good!) and taxis (expensive!).

Q. How can I blend in? Should I?

A. Yes, you should try to blend in. There are 2 main reasons why you should try to blend in with the locals, the Cariocas. Firstly because this will help you fell more at ease and enjoy the city. And also in terms of safety. You should dress casual. Cariocas are casual, but not slobby. And no matter how native you look, your ‘tongue’ will betray you. Learning some basic Portuguese makes ALL the difference. People not only in Rio, but in different countries like when you make an effort to try to speak their language. Try a few words, repeat them a few times and you are good to go! Here are some good ones I recommend. They are very useful when you wish to start a conversation:

Bom dia = Good morning       Tudo bem? = How are you?        Oi! = Hi! or Hello!

Vou bem, obrigado = I’m fine, thanks.

Q. What’s the currency in Brazil and how much is it worth?

A. Brazil’s currency is called REAL.

US$ 1.00  =  R$ 5.00

EU$ 1.00  =  R$ 5.40

April 2024

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