Copacabana Beach

The world famous Copacabana Beach in Rio

This great beach starts at Princesa Isabel Avenue and finishes at lifeguard watchtower number six. Just after this landmark we have the beggining of Ipanema Beach. Along with Copacabana, they are two of the greatest beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the Secretary of Tourism in Rio de Janeiro there are over 50 hotels and 10 hostels in Copacabana alone.


Nightlife in Copacabana


If you like going out at night to explore Rio de Janeiro Copacabana is a great place to be! It offers bars, restaurants and pubs for all budgets.

Copacabana Nightlife



You see above one of the several clubs located in Copacabana.

Walking at Copacabana

Fell like going for a walk in Copacabana? You should do that by the beach where you can see all the kiosks and police as well. This way you will be safe.

A Brazilian Drink?

You should try Brazilian’s most famous drink: caipirinha. The most popular brazilian drink made with sugarcane, lemon, sugar and ice.

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