Carnival in Rio

Carnaval 2019 in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnaval is on!

Brazil’s biggest party is on!

Carnaval (or Carnival in English) in Brazil started yesterday, but in some states (specialy up North) it’s been going on already for a few days. Did you know that the official holiday is only 1 day? Yes, it is on Tuesdays. But brazilians start the celebrations on the Friday before.


Friends celebrating Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


Going on holliday

Because most of the people start the celebrations on Fridays they have 4 days off. Therefore it is great if you manage to take not only these days off but also the entire next week!  And that’s what we see in most small businesses around the country: you are not going to work from Saturday (second of March) till the 10th of March. Sounds great, right?

Samba schools competition

The main competition among the samba schools start tonight. And the top 5 will parade again on Sunday, 10th March.


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro             Mangueira Samba School