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museum of tomorrow in rio de janeiro

Museum of Tomorrow in Rio. A great place to visit!

A great museum in Rio de Janeiro!

It’s been one year since the opening of the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro.

We can say that there was caos installed in Rio de Janeiro for almost 3 years during the construction of the Museum of Tomorrow at Mauá Square, near downtown Rio. Actually the entire square has been revitalized. Before it has a dark and dangerous place. Today we have a place where people can get together, where tourists can enjoy not only the Museum of Tomorrow but also the MAR. In Portuguese, MAR stands for Museu de Arte do Rio, or Rio Art Museum. It is located just beside the Museum of Tomorrow. 



Museum of Tomorrow in Rio


The Museum of Tomorrow had its opening day on the 17th December 2015. Since then 1.4 million people had visited the museum. It became the most visited museum in Brazil!

The number is quite impressive. It is more than the visitors that the MIS SP, MASP and MAR have received combined!

Coming to Rio de Janeiro on a tour? The Museum of Tomorrow should be definitely in your list!