Rio de Janeiro

White weapon law in Rio de Janeiro

A new law in Rio de Janeiro.

On my previous post I have mentioned the need for a law in Rio de Janeiro to punish people on the streets carring the so called ‘white weapons’. Good news is that we have made some progress…

No one can carry knives, pocket knives and daggers in the entire state. Governor Luiz Pezão now has fifteen days to sanction or veto the law. After that if you are caught carring any ‘arma branca’ (white weapon) you can receive a fine of between R$2,400 and R$24,000.

Going to work with a knife in Rio?

Yes, you can carry a knife if you are, for example a cook, and are going to your work place. If it is in your backpack, not a problem! What is not allowed is to carry any white weapon on you waist and it can not be in reach of your hand to use it as an offensive weapon.

A good law in Rio?

What do you think? Is it a good law? Will this help to make the streets safer in Rio de Janeiro? Leave your comments!