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A different Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro

Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro

Do you know this Sugarloaf?

Sugarloaf, a place to go!

It is the second most visit attraction not only in Rio de Janeiro, but in Brazil. People take the cable cars to go up to the Urca Mountain and then to the Sugarloaf itself. But they have no idea…

The real Sugarloaf

Yes, people have no idea how deep the Ganabara Bay is at certain points. 300 meters is the depth where the Sugarloaf is located! Have a look at the picture below:


Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro


Our city tour in Rio de Janeiro

During our tour in Rio, the Sugarloaf is an important part of our itinerary. We take lot’s of people all the way to the top, but it’s a shame that we can’t show or at least give them an idea of what this picture shows.