Carnival in RioRio de Janeiro

Attractions in Rio reopen today

Christ the Redeemer is part of our Rio de Janeiro Tour

Christ the Redeemer reopens

The reopening of the Christ the Redeemer sinbolizes the reopening of the tourism in Rio de Janeiro!

After 5 months closed due the Coronavirus crises the Corcovado Mountain is again receiving tourists. A few rules must be followed in order to keep people safe. Here they are:

  1. All the visitors must wear masks
  2. Minimum distance of 2 metres between people
  3. Visitors can’t no longer lay down on the flor to take better pictures of the open-armed Christ

Same rulles will apply to the Sugarloaf, which is also reopening today.

Rio de Janeiro city council is about to let people know weather we are going to have Carnival in 2021 or not. Plans at the moment are to pospone the biggest party in Brazil’s calendar. You will have to wait a bit longer to find out more. Will keep you posted!