Carnival in Rio

Tourists in Rio Carnival

Friends celebrating Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

1 million tourists in Rio de Janeiro Carnival

We are set to have a new record in Rio: 1 million tourists are expecting to visit the city during this year´s Carnival! In 2014 we had 918 thousand people.

Since yesterday 50 thousand people passed by Pier Mauá, where the cruise ship are located. They come from Argentina, Japan, United States and from a few countries in Europe.


Tourists in Rio Carnival



Carnival on the streets is also growing and this year we are going to have a total of 456 blocos (informal Carnival on Rio´s streets). Tourists also love this type of Carnival.

Spending per tourist in Rio de Janeiro

Each tourist spends on average US$ 800 per day while in Rio. It includes accommodation, meals and sightseeing. They also stay in Rio for about 7 days. This is indeed a great boost for the local economy.