Rio de Janeiro

Protests in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil

Protests in Rio de Janeiro

Protesters hit Brazil’s streets

It was a very busy day in Rio de Janeiro and in Brazil today. It was estimated that almost 2 million protestors hit the streets all over Brazil today. The fight for a better place was on!

Protests in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilians are not happy with the way president Dilma is running the country. Corruption is the biggest problem where politicians do nothing to address the issue.

Presidents denial

Dilma’s constant denial of the current social/economical problem is causing revolt in all different Brazilian social classes. The president is blaming the international crisis (which one?) for the situation Brazil is facing at the moment. The Real (Brazilian currency) is loosing strength rapidly and so is the growth of the country.

Impeachment was also on the agenda of the people protesting today in Rio de Janeiro. They’ve had enough of corruption and the felling that there’s no captain running the ship at the moment.