Rio de Janeiro

Elections in Brazil and in Rio de Janeiro

Bolsonaro and Haddad

One week to go!

Elections in Brazil will be over next Sunday, 28th October.

Former army captain Jair Bolsonaro and Workers’ Party candidate Fernando Haddad advanced from the first round vote and will face off in the October 28th runoff.

Bolsonaro is well ahead on the polls and should win the elections to become Brazil’s next president. People are tired of the old politics and are choosing new faces to lead them.

Elections in Rio de Janeiro

Rio will also have 2 candidates fighting each other to become the next governor: Eduardo Paes and Wilson Witzel. The second one is leading the polls and should win.

One of the biggest problems in Bazil (and in Rio) is security for its people. Violence is growing in many areas and this is the main reason why these 2 candidates will most probably win the elections. Both have clear programs to combat violence head on in the favelas and in the poorest areas in the country. Let’s wait and see what happens…