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Rio de Janeiro State.

The state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil offers a thousand secrets, waiting to be revealed during your Rio de Janeiro tour, to those motivated by curiosity to discover the unknown. In the ‘fluminense’ cities (how the cities in Rio State are called) there are cultural attractions preserved from the Colonial and Imperial Brazil such as: museums, parks, palaces and churches. Co-existing side by side with history and nature are people who enjoy good food, music and Carnival.

Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro.

There is an overwhelming variety of tourist attractions and a magic surrounding Rio that emanates from its beaches and mountains, winding avenues and streets, as well as from the heart of every person.

The Portuguese arrived in Rio in the XVI century in January and mistook the entrance of the Guanabara Bay for the mouth of a big river. Hence the name Rio de Janeiro (River of January). There are historical buildings that remain from this time and also spectacular beaches so you can relax at the sun!

To make the most of this fantastic scenery a visit to the Corcovado Mountain is a must. There you will find the Christ statue and will experience an awesome view of the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the beaches of the neighboutring city, Niterói, linked to Rio by either the Rio-Niterói bridge or a short ferry ride. Other beach attractions in Niterói are Camboinhas and Itacoatiara.

You’ll see that beauty is everywhere while touring Rio!

Sugar Loaf in Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro Tours. If that’s what you are looking for, we are here to help! Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you’ve made the right choice.

The tours we offer in Rio are all in small groups and private, to ensure that the best possible service will be delivered to you and your group.

After 12 years offering tours in the other side of the world (New Zealand), it was about time to start similar operation providing private tours in Rio de Janeiro to our clients and friends.

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