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Let’s organize together your Rio de Janeiro tour.

Will Rio de Janeiro be your next destination? Looking for a brazilian tour guide to help you in Rio? Would like to book an excursion in Rio de Janeiro? On our site you will find among the different Rio de Janeiro tours on offer the one that best suit your needs.

You can go straight to our tours (Rio de Janeiro City Tour, Sugarloaf and Christ only Tour, Petrópolis Tour, Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour) or keep reading the 4 reasons why you should book your tour with us and find out what sets our services apart from the others.

1) Customized Day Tour in Rio de Janeiro.

Our tours are customized for you. 

What would you like to do? What would you like to see? What do you enjoy seeing?

Choose among our Rio de Janeiro tours or email us thus we can customize your tour from the moment you arrive in Rio de Janeiro airport to your departure. We make our tours in Rio to best suit your needs and we can pick you up and drop you off at airports, cruise ship terminal, bus station or any other location you would wish to be picked up or dropped off at.

We have put together a Day Tour in Rio so you can have an idea of the places you can visit in a few hours. The traffic in Rio is a challange for us all so the attractions and itinerary during our Rio de Janeiro tours can change accordingly.

2) We will be in touch.

– You can expect from us not only a great service. You will also be provided with a cell phone that you can use to contact us 24 hours a day if you have any problems while in Rio de Janeiro.

– Early arrival at the ariport in Rio de Janeiro? We organize your transfer for you and, if you wish, you will be able to purchase brazilian local currency (reais) to be able to pay tips or make purchases where credit cards are not accepted. You will be able to purchase the currency at a competitive rate. And have the option to sell it back to us at the end of the tour.

– You do not speak English and wish to book a tour with us? Not a problem! Spanish and French are also some of the languages we speak.

3) All Inclusive Package Tour in Rio de Janeiro.

We offer our tours in small groups and private, to ensure that the best possible service will be delivered to you and your group. Entrance fees to Corcovado (where Christ the Redeemer is) and to the Sugarloaf are part of the package tour. Don´t wish to include these attractions? Not a problem! We customize your tour.

4) Avoid the crowds during your tour in Rio de Janeiro.

During your tour in Rio, we will do our best so you can avoid the crowds. Sometimes it is not easy but the local knowledge we have will definitely help you. As you can see bellow, visiting Corcovado to see Christ the Redeemer by van is not a good option. A much more pleasent way to visit the Christ is by train. You can wait up to 1.5 hours just to catch the van to go back to your hotel. A local Rio de Janeiro tour guide can make all the difference.

Transportation to Christ the Redeemer in Rio.

Transportation to Christ the Redeemer in Rio.

We have put together the most visited attractions in our Rio de Janeiro tours so you can decide what`s best for you and which attractions in Rio you would like to visit.

Choose one of our Rio de Janeiro tours:

  • Rio de Janeiro and Búzios.

We start early in the morning visiting 1 attraction in Rio and then we continue towards this fantastic town to experience its magical beaches. Have already spent some time in Rio? We can go then straight to Búzios!

The same idea is valid for this tour. You can customize your tour visiting 1 attraction in Rio or depart from your hotel straight to Petrópolis. This former Imperial City will surprise you with its beauty!

  • Only beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

Would you like to spend some time visiting different beaches in Rio and nothing else? Not a problem! We can organize this type of tour for you.

What to expect while visiting Rio de Janeiro?

We will be greet you.

We will greet you at the airport, cruise ship dock, or bus terminal. Someone of our team who speaks the local language will transport you to the hotel you plan to stay at and make sure you can check in with no problems.

Local currency.

You will need some local currency (in Brazil it is called ‘Real’) so you can pay tips or make purchases where credit cards are not accepted. We will have some of our local currency available for you. You will be able to purchase it at a competitive rate and be able to sell any unused currency back to us.

Guide Recommendations.

We will give you great recommendations for which hotels to stay at, what restaurants to eat at, what tourists sites to visit and what stores to shop at. These advices will be really accurate in order to give you good value for your money.

Choose one of the Rio de Janeiro tours on offfer and you’ll see that beauty is everywhere!

Sugarloaf is part of our Rio de Janeiro toursIf you are looking for one of our Rio de Janeiro Tours, we are here to help! Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you’ve made the right choice.

– Have questions about your tour? We have a page with the most common questions about touring in Rio or in Brazil to help you with your trip.

– Please contact us if you have a different itinerary in mind. We will take the hard work from your hands and put together a tour to best suit your needs while you just relax and prepare yourself to have a great time in Brazil! But you must remember that a visit to Christ the Redeemer and to the Sugar Loaf must be in your itinerary!

– We are organizing customized tours in Rio de Janeiro since 2013 but only recently have set up a Tripadvisor account and proudly received our first review (5 reviews at the moment!).        Here it is:      Tripadvisor review

– Would you like to know the weather forecast in Rio de Janeiro? Prepare yourself for some hot weather and maybe a few showers, depending on what time of the year you come to Rio.

– Travelling from the US via United? We will track your plane to ensure that we will be waiting for you at the airport as soon as you land in Rio.

– Wish to know a bit more about Rio and what to select from our Rio de Janeiro tours? Visit our blog about Rio for the latest news.