See Rio de Janeiro from above

Join our Rio de Janeiro helicopter tour and experience the ‘wonderful city’ (how Rio de Janeiro is called) from above!

You will experience breathtaking views from the helicopter during your Rio de Janeiro helicopter tour. The itinerary will depend on the time you wish to spend flying.

Prices from US$ 80.00

The prices vary from US$ 80.00 to US$220.00 according to the time spent on your tour.


Price per person: US$ 80. Departing from Sugarloaf – Urca Hill. 

Flight time: 6 to 7 minutes. 

Places overflown  :

Red Beach overlooking Sugarloaf

Copacabana Beach and Fort

Arpoador Rock

Ipanema Beach overlooking Leblon Beach



Price per person: US$ 120. Departing from Lagoon. 

Flight time: 7 to 8 minutes. 

Places overflown  :

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

Jardim de Alah

Ipanema Beach

Arpoador Rock

 Copacabana Fort and Beach

Red Beach overlooking Sugarloaf


Price per person: US$ 199. Departing from Lagoon. 

Flight time: 9 to 10 minutes. 

Places overflown  :

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

Botanical Gardens

Tijuca Forest

Christ the Redeemer


Helicopter view of the Christ in Rio



Price per person: US$ 220. Departing from Lagoon. 

Flight time: 12 to 13 minutes. 

Places overflown  :

– Christ the Redeemer

– Ipanema and Copacabana Beaches (the 2 most visited beaches in Rio de Janeiro!)

– Red Beach overlooking Sugarloaf

– Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

– Jardim de Alah


Your tour includes:

– Helicopter flight

Please contact us for more flight options. We might be able to customize your flight.




– Minimum 2 people required for us to book your helicopter tour with the operator. Then we need to wait in line for 1 more person.

Visiting the Sugarloaf? We recommend catching your flight from the Sugarloaf! Ask us how!

– You need to add the transportation costs (hotel or cruise ship pick up and drop off) to the helicopter departure sight.

*Please note:

1) We can not guarantee that the tour goes ahead because (if you are in a group of 2 people only) we need the extra person.

2) We can not set a departure time as we need to wait in line. Helicopter operator works on a first come first served basis, which means that clients are attended to in the order that they arrive.

– Your Rio de Janeiro helicopter tour is subject to weather conditions.

– On this link you can see the weather forecast for Rio de Janeiro. Hopefully it will be a sunny day!

Need accommodation and tour in Rio de Janeiro? Or just the airport transfer?

We can customize your tour so we will see the best Rio de Janeiro has to offer!

Looking for something special?

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